Reasons to Install Marble Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen should have the best countertops hence use marble countertops. choose to buy thee countertops from companies that have installation and maintenance experts. The marble kitchen countertops have these benefits.

They have a timeless elegance for enhancing the appearance for house decades. They come in various colors ranging from white, black, green, yellow, grey and rose for you to choose. The color and hue of the marble depends on where it has been mined. The uniqueness of hues and colors of the marble stones makes it easy for manufacturers of marble countertops to come up with countless designs. Michelangelo, a famous historic artist, created the breath-taking Ancient Rome and sculptors from a popular marble called Carrara. Marbles have been used in history to create structures, they are appealing to the eyes and have various varieties, they make marble countertops expensive.

Marble countertops are heat resistant which means that they do not melt or burn. However, they still need you to take care of them. Use a trivet when placing hot pans on the counter to prevent heat from the hot pans from coming into direct contact with the marble countertop. The place on the countertop that the hot pans are laid will become darker even if the heat does not damage the area. If you leave hot pans on the marble countertop, you will have a countertop with patches of darker colors which will ruin its beautiful appearance.

They are long-lasting because they do not scratch or crack on impact and they remain attractive even in unfavorable weather conditions because they do not decompose. Nevertheless, polish them regularly to maintain their shiny appearance. Their high resistance to cracking and scratches is one of the reason marble was used for building centuries ago.

It is easy to cut and shape marble countertops when installing them because marble is softer than other granites. Bullnose, bevel, straight and demi bullnose are most common and simple edge profiles that are cut from the marble countertops. You can also have complicated and classy designs like stair thread, chiseled, cove bullnose, and waterfall. The sophisticated edge designs are more expensive than simple ones.

They are the best working surfaces for baking. Cooking is more enjoyable if the working surface is appropriate. The surface of these countertops are smooth and balanced to give you an easy time when working with the chocolate, ice cream, pastries, and so many other baking ingredients. The dough and other ingredients will not stick on the marble countertop, and you do the kneading. They naturally remain cold, and they will always be cooler than the room temperature. There are many ingredients may spill on the marble countertop, but its smoothness makes it easy to clean the surface and leave no stains even when the spills dry up.

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