How to Choose the Right Tie Bar

The best way to complement when you look if you are wearing a nice suit is by having a good tie bar on the tie. In as much as having a tie bar complements your overall look in a suit, you must ensure you are wearing the ideal one to achieve the kind of stance you are trying to project. Buying the right tie bar can turn out to be more challenging than you thought especially if you have never acquired one before. Below is a guide to help you select the best tie bar for your needs.

Consider the color of the tie bar you want to buy about the color of the suit and tie you will be wearing it with, so, you can avoid buying a tie bar that is the same color as both the suit and tie; the tie bar should be able to blend in with both. Contrary to popular beliefs, a tie bar does not only have to be a clip because it can be of any design and of anything you want to be provided it meets your meets; the shape and design comes down to what you want.

It is a common notion among most people that tie bars are made of metal which is not true because you can have tie bars in any material you want. The cost of the tie bars will play an important role in your buying decision; it is good to choose something you can comfortably pay for especially tie bars because some can be very expensive.

If you want assurance of the quality, durability, and longevity of the tie bar you are buying, dealing with a reputable dealer is a good place to start because reputable dealers always avail quality products. Asking for recommendations from friends, relatives, or colleagues with tie bars can be a great way of finding the right one for your needs; you can ask them to refer you to the dealer they bought from.

If you buy a tie bar that extends further than the tie’s width, something is wrong because an ideal tie bar should be of an appropriate size to the tie you are wearing it with. The type of tie you own should also dictate the type of tie bar you buy but not so much; for instance, someone with a knit tie should buy a tie slide instead of a clamp to avoid buying the tie. This is how you can choose the best tie bar for you.

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