Most of the time, people are joining a karate class in a school that is closest to them without doing much research. On the other hand, before you, actually decide to join, it is vital that you take the time to familiarize yourself with this martial art. A lot of people are deciding to join such a class for a number of reasons like because they are looking for a way to use their time, could be as a hobby while some because it has been recommended by their mentors or parents.

While having a reason to join a class is important, what you must focus more about are the things that you need to remind yourself before joining. But you are lucky for the reason that these are the things that we will exactly talk about.

Number 1. Formal etiquette – martial arts have their roots in Asian culture to which formal etiquette gestures like chanting, kneeling, bowling and such are quite common. So when you join a karate class, it is best to expect the same and be disciplined. There are also schools that are actually more laid-back and not entirely rigid. Well at the end of the day, it is your personal preference on what school to choose.

Number 2. Warm-up – karate classes are physically demanding activities and it will really push your body to the limit. For this reason, it is highly recommended that all physical activities are preceded by a warm-up in order to prep your body for any activity that is about to follow. Warm ups are typically followed by stretching which is also considered as cool down for the body.

Number 3. Basic techniques – karate classes are somehow the same with other disciplines as the sessions are started by introducing students on what they know. Having said that, just before you get started in advancing to more complicated movies, it is mandatory for everyone to practice punches, kicks, blocks, and strikes. Only after mastering these elements will prepare your mind and body for a more complex and advanced moves.

Number 4. Practice forms – at the same time, you will be mandated to memorize predefined techniques after deciding to attend martial arts class. Such sequences are called as “forms”. It is vital that you master the forms in an effort to have better understanding of how different techniques suit together. Furthermore, you have to understand the forms in order to pass the tests required.

Number 5. Spar – in essence, this is when you look for a partner to practice all the techniques that you have learned; which also serves as a friendly competition between the two.

Follow these tips if you want to ensure that you will end up in the best karate school.

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